How Do I Deposit Funds and Check My PCard+ Account Balance by SMS Text?

Updated by Chandrika Chandwani

To use SMS text with PCard+, the text must be sent from the primary account holder’s phone number that is linked to the PCard+ account. 

To Check Your Balance

Text BAL to (415) 942-0692. A reply email will be sent giving you the current available balance in your PCard+ account.

To Deposit Funds

Text LOAD and the dollar amount you wish to load to (415) 942-0692.

Example: LOAD $250

This will initiate a PCard+ Transfer from the funding source that you have linked & verified with your PCard+ account. PCard+ Transfers will be available within 1-3 business days from the date they are initiated.

Note: Standard text messaging rates from your wireless service provider may apply.

How Do I Add Funds to My PCard+ Account?

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