How Do I Update Multiple Cards At Once?

Admins with appropriate permissions can select multiple cards at once and make bulk changes across selected cards. The following changes can be made in bulk:

  • Turning card ON/OFF
  • Switching ON/OFF Card Not Present restrictions
  • Switching ON/OFF international transaction restrictions
  • Selecting permissible spend categories
  • Deleting selected Admin or Employee cards
  • Reissuing selected cards
  • Adding funds (Fixed Value Cards only)
  • Clearing a balance (Fixed Value Cards only)
  • Setting a spend limit (Spend Limit Cards only)
  1. Navigate to the Cards tab
  2. Select Manage Spend Limit Cards or Manage Fixed Value Cards
  3. Filter and select desired cards using Filter search box and checkboxes
  4. Use the Set Status and/or Set Controls to update cards as desired

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